It all began with a modest antique shop in the centre of Bangkok in the year 1972. Charnarong Chongtanavanit who came from a family of antiquarians, and who was driven by his passion for antiques, started his first “Art and Antique Gallery.”

He travelled all over Asia looking for genuine and fine quality artefacts with the aim of satisfying and pleasing his demanding clientele.

Providing friends, partners and dealers from all over Europe and America with superb antiques, his appreciation grew and it became a successful family enterprise with several galleries across Thailand.

With time it became more and more difficult to find the much desired, genuine, works of art that keep our partners satisfied. It was then, encouraged by our clientele, that AGAL was created.


Having a profound knowledge of antiques, we looked for designers and highly skilled artisans to reproduce the fine furniture and collectables with an uncompromising sense of detail and quality. Aiming at, to be at least the equal or even better than the originals.

Today we have more than 20 years of experience designing and manufacturing our products.

Early in 2010 AGAL finished building its new atelier where designers and artisans create furniture reflecting Chinese and Southeast Asian motifs with a contemporary touch and functionality. Our creations encompass bronze sculptures, stone sculptures and paintings.

We aim to identify and build value based on understanding customer needs; bearing in mind aesthetics, originality and superior quality.